There is something so distinctive, so iconic, and so special about how Porsche cars look and drive. For most of us, it was love at first sight. If you have or are about to acquire a 911 for custom redesign, it’s worth having a conversation with us.

Our 911 story and passion began about 35 years ago.

Founder Baron Christopher Hanson began attending the 24 Hours of Daytona race devoutly as a youth, camping the infield between Porsche parking and pit road. Legends Hurley Haywood, AJ Foyt, and other Porsche drivers were favorites because they drove the most beautiful, most interestingly designed, most competitive sports cars in the world.

It was a Porsche that most often won every race, with everyone inside Porsche parking and pit road raising glasses of champagne to toast another Porsche victory.

Ultimately, the roar of air/oil-cooled engines, the feel of the drive train, and most of all the alluring silhouette of the 911 piqued an interest in Baron that developed into a full-blown passion and boutique business model: Proactively restored and backdated 911s for sophisticated, comfort-seeking clients in southern climates.

Today, two distinct legends have emerged online and over social media to lead a classic Porsche re-design trend: 1) Magnus Walker’s “Urban Outlaw” documentary, and 2) Rob Dickinson’s Porsche 911s restored and modified by Singer Vehicle Redesign, as told by Chris Harris. Their accomplishments have also brought grown men to tears, and now more women into the fascination of Porsche 911 ownership.