Vintage Porsche ReDesign



Provide us with your pristine 911 Targa, Coupe, or Cabriolet –– or we can locate the perfect 911 for you ($7500 deposit required to begin). Our east coast Porsche experts will then disassemble, refurbish, resurface, and/or replace each OEM part accordingly, from bumper to bumper.


Choose your custom Porsche paint, interior leather, and trim details palette To your tastes and specs, we custom paint, plate, powder coat, fabricate and/or leather and stitch each OEM part / surface / fabricated panel accordingly (funds required in advance each month).


Drive your gorgeous new outlaw Porsche 911 in 6-7-9 months Pending your budget / scope / engine work / extras. No other Porsche restoration company can deliver our level of quality, service, integrity, and price in a shorter time / window (from $65k to $165k all-in).

Note: High mileage engines and gear boxes may go directly back to Porsche N.A. in Atlanta, and may come with a 2-year factory warranty. Although we source nearly every part directly from Porsche in Germany, we are not affiliated with Porsche, or Porsche Cars, N.A.



For most of us it was love and tears at first sight. The Porsche 911 and the passion these brilliant cars evoke is unmistakable. There is something so distinctive, iconic, and special about the way these air-cooled cars look and drive and turn heads.
Honoring Dr. Ferry Porsche at all times, our company proactively redesigns and resurfaces the entire chassis and interior of Porsche 911s using OEM parts.

Our astute clients simply do not have the time to manage a 911 overhaul themselves, and have budgets ranging from $65,000 to $165,000. Depending on your preferred 911 model year and roof style, our team of experts can complete a Porsche 911 rebuild in a 6-7-9 month window.

Our offering caters well to women and men who have a passion for vintage style, modern luxury, custom paint and leather colors, and a proper custom budget –– perhaps for a special birthday, graduation, or seasonal gift.

Based on nine years of restoration experience and development, every 911 project we undertake becomes a one-of-a-kind, work-of-art  remade just for you.

If you own, have always dreamed of, or will be acquiring a 1978 to 1989 Porsche 911 soon, it’s worth having a conversation with Christopher Vehicle ReDesign as soon as possible. We seem to specialize in convertible Targa, Cabriolet, and Coupe models, for coastal driving in warm climates, yet can ship completed vehicles anywhere in the world, FOB.

Once the general design and changes to your 911 are mapped out upfront, we move your Porsche through four major processes and facilities, strategically.

  1. Metal fabrication and body work,
  2. Prep, painting, clear coating, and parts plating,
  3. All mechanics and electrical drive train parts, and
  4. Interior upholstery and final details

Please understand problem parts or rust may only be discovered during and after dis-assembly. All are refurbished, replaced, or deleted during the process by our team of experienced Porsche professionals. Motorsport-level parts and performance upgrades are available to taste and budget.
When you contact us, be sure to explain your home climate, what cities and islands you might be driving your 911 most, and if you’d prefer a convertible, a sun roof, a Targa top, or a fully enclosed Coupe. If you have a favorite year, custom color, or interiors palette in mind, please mention this in your e-mail or phone call.

It is helpful to understand what Christopher Vehicle ReDesign is NOT: We are NOT a racing or after-market speed shop. Our business model does NOT include racing as a hobby or fiscal priority whatsoever.
There’s a quick questionnaire and “send button” in our CONTACT page. Please drop us a detailed response so we can begin the search and design process. We thank you kindly for your patronage and look forward to being of service to you.

(Disclaimer: Although we source nearly every single part directly from Porsche in Germany only, we are not affiliated with Porsche, or Porsche Cars, N.A.)

More Information About Us and The Process


Our ideal clients enjoy the very best of everything. As such, you likely do not have time to manage a Porsche restoration or redesign project yourself. Such projects may require 600 to 900 labor hours all-in, with considerable details management during peak business hours, every day over the course of several months.

Our clients yearn to drive bespoke, head-turning 911s around town, at their vacation home, to and from the boardroom, the athletic club, and of course elegant nights out out on the town socially. Our clients also want a Porsche 911 that will live and work brilliantly for another 40-50 years.

Our re-imagined 911s are visually stunning, mechanically pristine, and utterly delicious to drive and be driven around in. Our modern vintage look is a popular talking point everywhere your new 911 goes.

Your first major step is to find –– or have us help you find –– a pristine, rust-free 911 to customize to your liking and lifestyle. Beyond expert mechanics and bodywork, our customers want a comfortable 911 cabin as opposed to a boring and sweaty cockpit, which is a common complaint of older 911s. Modern AC conversions are standard procedure.

Our clients enjoy dressing well and socializing often, hence the need for a car with modern interior comforts such as air conditioning, ready umbrellas, even matching luggage. Custom interior upholstery using fine leathers and stitching is one of the hallmark aspects of our redesign work and value.

Drop us a line today, to begin finding the right 911 and to position your dream Outlaw Porsche 911 into our upcoming 2016 redesign queue.

Porsche-glamshot-finished The first step is to either consider redesigning your currently owned and titled 911, or to acquire a 911 as soon as possible. We can help you find, test, and acquire a low-mileage, well-maintained, pristine 911 from 1978 to 1989 for us to then “nip and tuck” for you. The second step is to choose your exterior color, surfaces, and plating palette. Official time starts when your contract is signed, your Porsche goes into initial dis-assembly, and you have completed most of the design decisions. Some change orders will come along during the process, as we discover opportunities for improvement unique to your 911. Most original metal parts and panels are refurbished or resurfaced, then installed back onto your Porsche as they belong. Seals, rubber, plastic, and fabrics that may have deteriorated over time are replaced. Funds are drafted as each critical phase of your 911 project culminates, which can be weekly or monthly pending your urgency or deadline. A Porsche 911 restored and modified by Christopher Vehicle Redesign can be delivered in 5-7 months. Budgets may range from $65,000 to $165,000, pending scope, scale, and engine / gearbox upgrades, with a median 911 project of $87,500. Engine and gearbox rebuilds, either stateside or via Porsche in Germany, will require a bit more time and cost beyond our typical 150-210 day all-in process windows. Clients with means above $200,000 per car should consider a Porsche 911 restored and modified by Singer Vehicle Redesign, or a Magnus Walker / Urban Outlaw vehicle, although their queues may now be quite lengthy given the media they have earned so well for themselves. In our experience restoring Porsche cars, about 80% of the authentic parts required are somewhat affordable and readily obtainable. Another 10% can be more expensive, rare, or challenging to obtain. Invariably, about 10% of Porsche parts from 1973 to 1989 can be very expensive, perhaps unfeasible, or not sourced easily. This last 10% can be where most restoration projects fall flat, become compromised, or require overtime. This is when the collective experience of our certified Porsche mechanics swarming over your 911 for 5-7 months together as a team comes through during the final lap. Pending budget, your car is disassembled to varying degrees down to the metal frame, with each parts group given individual attention. Each part is either refurbished or replaced according to your wishes, budget, and our gentle recommendations. We believe every part deserves attention, and that all aspects of your 911 are important. This process of rethinking every seal, panel, surface, latch, bolt, screw, bearing, fastener, and strap — from bumper to bumper — is perhaps the most granular and extensive part of the process. Modern conveniences in and around the car that the factory didn’t do or think of at the time are reconsidered, especially ways of operating everyday aspects of the interior and driver touch points.
Porsche-glamshot-finished Dr. Ferry Porsche knew what he was doing. Porsche 911s need not be changed much under the hood. Our philosophy is to preserve the mechanical essence of every 911, as the factory built the car in Germany to drive. Yet we also feel the body, surfaces, and cockpit can be improved, with some extraneous aspects deleted or simplified. We use as many OEM parts and practices as possible, taking into account the long-term preservation of the chassis and all 911 parts. Using modern metal treatments, paint coatings, fresh leather and carpet, and advanced metalwork and sound deadening. We also believe in economic loyalty to Porsche, so the brand, company, and heritage may survive globally and in perpetuity. After-market fiberglass is avoided 100%. Only original steel, aluminum, and alloys are used. Only Porsche-certified paint goes onto our cars. All interior upholstery is stitched as close to original German styling as possible, with some attractive improvements. A few modern upgrades and luxury solutions outside the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) world that have been proven, tested, and welcomed by the elite Porsche community over the years do solve modern issues such as cooling, suspension, air-conditioning, gas door innovations, mirrors, and other cosmetic improvements. The end product is a bespoke vehicle with authentic driving mechanics and fresh sports car luxury, delivered anywhere you so designate. Contact us today to begin the process of rebuilding a 911 for yourself, or as the ultimate gift to someone very special.
Porsche-glamshot-finished Today, two distinct legends have emerged online and over social media to lead the classic, back-dated Porsche re-design trend: 1) Magnus Walker’s “Urban Outlaw” documentary, and 2) Rob Dickinson’s Singer Vehicle Redesign videos. Dozens of episodes including Jay Leno’s Garage exist online. Their accomplishments and marketing efforts have ignited a revolution, and a renewed fascination for vintage Porsche 911 ownership, for women and men of all ages. A Porsche 911 restored and modified by Christopher Vehicle Redesign is less exotically re-manufactured than the Singer Vehicles cars out in California. Their advanced shop is rebuilding 911s using state-of-the-art parts, technology, and carbon fibers so amazingly that a Singer Vehicle ranges from $450,000 to $750,000+ each. They are of course worth every penny. The Singer story-line and video collection are must-follows for all Porsche fanatics worldwide. On the other end of the spectrum, the story of what Magnus Walker is building for himself (and may have for sale on occasion) is another heartwarming Porsche 911 phenomenon. Magnus has built his 911s from the ground up, chop-shop style, adding subtle, hand-made signature touches around the car that are really smart. One of Magnus’s cars recently sold for $302,000. His personal story, coming from the UK to the US is also a brilliant one, and a true testament to Porsche passion everywhere. Beyond engine and mechanic upgrades, what Singer Vehicles and Magnus Walker must be credited for are their distinctive exterior customizations such as louvered deck lids, moving mirrors to quarter vent plexi-glass, designing new valance and bumper molds, and using Harvey Weidman’s redesigned OEM Fuchs wheels — all things we believe Dr. Ferry Porsche is “looking down upon and smiling.”

Ultimately, the roar of air/oil-cooled engines, the feel of German drive trains, and the alluring silhouette of the Porsche 911 piqued an interest in Baron that has now become a full-blown passion and boutique business model: Proactively restored, improved, and elegantly backdated 911s for sophisticated, comfort-seeking clients in southern coastal climates. A Porsche 911 restored and modified by Christopher Vehicle ReDesign is all about the look, feel, color, interior, and overall driving experience of the greatest sport car ever made. An investment into this kind of 911 work is ideal for island, chalet, society, and country club driving at its very best. We redesign 911s able to be serviced at any Porsche dealer or certified / respected Porsche mechanic or racing shop anywhere in the world. Certainly we work with former racing mechanics and partner with numerous racing shops for hard-to-find parts and adaptive restoration solutions. Yet Christopher Vehicle ReDesign is strictly elegant streetcar and driver focused. Our team of experts and vendors are experienced Porsche technicians who are solid, family-oriented, and best-of-the-best in terms of their technical reputation. Some are German-born, with longstanding vocations in motor sport and all things Porsche. Our process goal is to transform up to 9 cars annually for clients between Washington DC and Charleston SC and Palm Beach FL, and all points in vicinity. Our mission, vision, and value system is simple: To lightly restore and ethically modify Porsche 911s via Christopher Vehicle Redesign, resulting in works of art that look, function, and drive exceptionally well for a long time to come. Porsche 911 patrons with approximately $65,000 to $165,000 budgets ($87,500 average) are encouraged to consider a Porsche 911 restored and modified by Christopher Vehicle Redesign for themselves, or as a one-of-a-kind gift for someone very, very special. Drop us a line today, to begin finding the right 911, and to position your Porsche into our upcoming 2015 redesign queue.